My Brother In Christ

It as an honor to have Jamie as a brother. He has been there with me in my own walk of faith, from… the very beginning. We both found that which was lost, and our path back to the Lord God. There have been many bumps and obstacles along the way, but the one thing that rings true, is that we always see eye to eye and hear ear to ear. When I come across something in the Bible, I almost immediately would share it with him. And he does the same. Our understanding, by seeking it out with the Lord alone, always brings us to the same understanding, without human interference. That isn’t possible without the Spirit of All Truth. Our journey together as brothers and friends has been a painful one. As each of us dug through the Word and discovered things, many of the truths that we found, were very difficult for us to handle.

In Revelation 10, we learn about an angel who gives John a “book,” which in his mouth is sweet. Yet, when he finally digested the words within the book, his belly became very bitter. I can testify to the fact that this is true for anyone who comes to the full understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Within Jamie’s website may be things that aren’t easy to handle and may make you question everything. I pray that it does make you question everything. We should question everyone and everything. The Bible says that we aren’t of the world. We shouldn’t put our faith in men but in the Lord alone. We should also take what we received and compare it with the Word, with a spirit of humility.

If we are truly willing to let go, let God, and become as a little child, the transition from walking by sight to walking by faith, isn’t as difficult as we think that it may be. Our faith can only come by hearing the Word of God. Any one who may find Jamie’s website or my own, listen to the words that are being said, read what is being written, pray about it, and seek it out for yourselves with the Lord. Everything that we know to be true, is true. The Bible is perfect, the Lord is perfect, and all of us have a very good reason for an eternity of pain and suffering, that would be justified. We are all the prodigal son’s. Turn back to the beginning. Forget those things that are behind, and reach forth unto those things which are before. Repent, turn to the Father with meekness and humility, and ask for forgiveness.

Jonathan Heller – Lift Up A Banner

Author: Lift Up A Banner

As I think, I know nothing. As I Know, I understand. As I walk, so I'm led.

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